About Dr. Amerson

Board Certified Doctor of Trichology, and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. (Two PhD's not a Medical Doctor) I am a wellness expert, and expert in hair loss and scalp conditions using holistic guidelines, educator, columnist, radio host, television personality, international lecturer, singer/songwriter. All these things describe Dr. Linda Amerson, a doctor of Trichology and world-renowned expert on hair and scalp disorders.& wellness expert. In addition, she is the manufacturer of Dr. Amerson's ™ Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapeutic Essentials, LLC.  To continue growing her product line, she has added Dr. Amerson's Educational CD & DVD Series 

Dr. Amerson resides in Arlington, Texas, received her full accredidation from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and is a magna cum laude graduate from the Accredited International Institute of Trichology in Madison, Alabama. For her outstanding achievements, Dr. Amerson is humbled to receive the 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree fron President Joseph Biden and VP Kamala Harris, as well as three prestigious Proclamations.

She is often featured on various syndicated television programs and radio broadcasts educating the public on hair loss and the importance proper nutrition plays in maintaining a healthy scalp. Dr. Amerson was featured on Colorful Radio London, England, with Elayne Smith's weekly segment "Movers and Shakers", and three syndicated radio shows.




Notable Proclamations & Recognition:

2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree from President Joseph Biden and VP Kamala Harris!!!

2023 Congressional Recognition from Congressman Marc Veasey for Outstanding  and Invaluable Service To The Community!!!

White House Community Service Proclamation from Past President Barak Obama, Texas Senate Proclamation from The Honorable Royce West; and lastly Arlington Proclamation from Mayor W. Jeff Williams and City Council, recognized September 25th as 'Dr. Linda Amerson Day'...during National Alopecia Awareness Month. The Mayor of Corpus Christi, TX, her home town, presented Amerson with the 'Key to the City'!

The Iota Phi Lamda Sorority, Phi Chapter of Dallas Texas  chose Dr. Linda Amerson as an Honoree for 'Dorethea N. Hornbuckle Business Entrepreneur Award' 2023. 

'Boss On Fire Award' Recipient 2023 from Felecia Atlas of Dallas Boss Magazine 

Dr. Amerson, Valder Beebe and Ester Davis joined their brands to form a global media consortium: The Power of 3 Women!  With a collaborative 500 million viewers, listeners and readers, and 50+ years of media experience! Adele Foster-Glen presented the 'Aquarius Award in Media' to Beebe, Davis & Amerson in March 2018. In addition,  Amerson, Davis & Beebe made history as 'Cover Girls' on Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine...Jan-Mar Issue 2019.

 Furthermore, Amerson has been featured on  the Arlington BizTV, Micheal Baisden Radio Show, "In Black America" hosted by John L. Hanson, Jr., and Ken McCoy Radio-Entertainment, Hollywood, CA. In addition, a satellite interview, via Skype, with Vanessa Waller on The Vanessa Waller Television Show, Tacoma, Washington. Cheryl Smith Show, Cedric Bailey Show, Black Biz Review and The Cathy Harris Show to name a few. 

Additionally, she encourages individuals to schedule a complete annual scalp analysis performed under a microscope by a doctor of Trichology.  A seasoned columnist, her readership in over 72 national print/digital magazines, newspapers, both print/digital and numerous online newsletters have exceeded 500 million consumers.


 In addition, she was a past Affiliated Doctor for Hair Begin Laser Hair Center in Woburn, MA.  She also served as a past consultant for Empress Hair Care Products based in Dallas, Texas. 

In 1999, Dr. Amerson made history by opening the first U.S. Trichology Training Center in Arlington, Texas, L.A.'s Hair and Scalp Clinic. She serves as the center's director and trains aspiring trichologists from all over the world.

A sought after lecturer, Dr. Amerson travels throughout the United States, Jamaica, Bahamas, Trinidad & Barbados, Antigua, West Indies, Africa, speaking at national and international banquets, hair conventions and seminars.

Furthermore, in February 2013, she launched Ask Dr. Amerson Radio Show on DFWiRadio.com, with a global audience of over 500,000 listeners.

We Hosted our Community Service Recognition Event to 4 Non-profits on Sunday, 7/17/22.

'Focus On The Fellas' Parking Lot TakeOver' 

Our Annual Alopecia Scholarship Award presented annually on Dr. Linda Amerson Day  9/25.


Dr. Amerson's awards and honors are impressive: Arlington Awards Program-'Best Hair Care Products 2017'; Women's History Month 2017 Recognition-'Women Trailblazing in Labor & Business': Trichology Trailblazer Honoree on December 11, 2016 at 'The Night For The Stars' Awards Gala-Dallas; Chosen as one of the Top 10 Media Professionals of 2014. August 2014 Business Recognition: LA's Hair & Scalp Clinic Receives the 2014 Best in Arlington Award for Hair Care Products by The Arlington Awards Program,

Recipient of the Paying It Forward Award April 2014 by the SLWA Org of Jacksonville, Arkansas,
Chosen by Adam Ortiz & Committee (San Antonio, TX) as Ms. May 2013 Role Model Search for Women Entrepreneurs. 
Amerson is the 'Cover Girl' on Write Health, AMUSE, SPLASH, Voyage Addictarium and Creative Writes Magazines. Currently a journalist in 83 National Magazines.
Her articles are featured regularly in: Texas Metro News, Living, CNN iReport, Trendsetters To Trendsetters, Essence, Voyage Addictarium, WELAB, Creative Writes, Starving Artist, Sister 2 Sister, The National Hair Journal, Heart and Soul, The Social Connection, Prestigious Elite,  Black Hair Care, Kontrol, Southern Dallas County Business & Living, IMessenger, The Garland Journal, Salon Sense, Upscale, EncoreHD, Expo Styles, Equanimity, Epitome, and Cargo Magazine, just to name a few.