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From Stressed and Broken to Healthy Hair Meet Dr. Amerson

By Darryl Blair

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Do you have dry itchy scalp?  Or are you suffering from alopecia (loss of hair or being bald)?  Do you suffer from weak hair that easily breaks?  In an effort to stop hair breakage or hair loss are you considering transitioning or have you transitioned to natural hair only to find you saw no significant change in the health of your hair?  Have you purchased product after product with no change?  Well maybe you are looking at the wrong things.  Maybe it is not the products you put on your hair or the services you select from your hair care professional.  Maybe you need to consult the services of a Board Certified Trichologist.

When looking for answers, start with a consultation from a Trichologist, Dr Linda Amerson.  Trichology is the branch of medicine that studies the health of the hair and scalp.  Dr. Amerson got her start as a cosmetologist, then transitioned to specialize as a hair loss specialist 33 years ago in Corpus Christi.  Wanting to do more for her clients, Dr. Amerson took her craft as a hair loss specialist  and her desire to give more to her clients she went back to school and graduated magna cum laude from the Accredited International Institute of Tricholohgy in Madison Alabama. 

Moving from the field of a hair loss specialist, Dr. Amerson takes hair & scalp care to the next level.  She is quick to differentiate her service not that of a stylist but a clinic that asses and treats the hair and scalp of men, women and children where she starts with an in-depth microscopic study where she wants to “get to the root of the problem.”  There could be internal and external factors that contribute to alopecia.  Her goal is to restore self esteem and a healthier life style.  Once under the microscope Dr. Amerson will look at the hair bulb and strand where she can tell how healthy or unhealthy the hair is growing.   She will look at the water and nutritional absorption, looking to see if there are hair shaft defects or genetic factors that can be confirmed.   She shared that “many consumers think that their hair is growing healthy” but after assessing microscopically she can show the actual health of the hair and scalp.          

Dr. Amerson manufactures an exclusive line of hair care products that will promote clean and healthy hair.  Her line will aid in the relief of dry itchy scalp, repair damaged hair, controls eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis just to name a few.

As a doctor, educator, expert in hair and scalp disorders, international lecturer, columnist and radio show host.  Dr. Amerson  made history in 1999 by opening the first US Trichology Training Center her in Arlington Texas.  She was presented with numerous awards as well as the prestigious Texas State Senate Proclamation from Senator Royce West.  For her many community service activities Dr. Amerson has received a White House Proclamation from President Barack Obama.  Who’s Who recognized her achievements here in Dallas in their 2012 Black Dallas 1st Edition.  She also has articles featured in 45 national publications including:  Essence, Examiner.com, Sister to Sister, T2T, EncoreHD Hair to name a few.

If you are needing to make an appointment for a assessment contact Dr. Linda Amerson at 817-265-8854 2304 W. Pioneer Parkway, Suite 6, Arlington TX 76103. Also, tune in every Weds from 11am-1pm to Ask the Hair & Scalp Doctor Radio Show on www.DFWiRadio.com.