The Ten “H’s” of Hair Loss

Aug 28, 2018
By Dr. Linda Amerson
Are you on edge? Do you need help with your unexplained hair loss issues? There is help for hair loss. There are over 100 categories of alopecia, aka hair loss in laymen terms. Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss from any cause. This term is used often by consumers who do not know this ‘broad umbrella’ is very scientific and the range of the degree of severity. Seeking expert assistance with a person whom has ‘credentials’ is always a good first option. We are referencing 10 categories all beginning with the letter ‘H’ for Hair. Men, women and children may become victims. Some of these influencers on the hair growth cycle, may cause temporary or permanent hair loss.

1.   HEALTH. Your health plays a vital role with your hair growing healthy. Many systemic illnesses can cause hair loss. One example is a high fever, or a surgical procedure that has needed general aneasthesia. In addition, over 15 autoimmune diseases can affect the hair growth cycle and/or hair follicle. A few examples include discoid lupus erythmatosus, systemic lupus, scleroderma and alopecia areata.

2.   HEREDITARY. Yes it is a fact! The hair problem torch is passed down thru your genes. If one or both parents have hair loss, hair thinning or other systemic illnesses, then the chances are increased that their children will also suffer the same condition. In some cases, even the grand-children are affected.

3.   HAIRSTYLING. Many consumers and professionals use mechanical styling tools to enhance a hair style. Do not use vigorous brushing, highest heat blow drying, highest heat flat iron, curling iron, crimpers, etc on your hair. Furthermore, daily usage of grooming tools should be avoided…only use 2-3 times maximum weekly. Hair breakage and hair shaft damage is commonly seen under a polarized microscope.

6.   HASSLE.
7.   HUNGER.
8.   HATS.

In closing, it is normal to be concerned about your hair loss, however, do not over stress yourself. Do what you can internally with a healthy diet, getting adequate rest and staying away from negative people.