Beautiful Wedding Hair

Mar 30, 2016
Imagine this...Sheila had been dating Sam for two years exclusively. She was wondering what was taking Sam so long to propose. Sam had been asking her for over 6 month various questions about her views about family. Then one night to her surprise, Sam took her to dinner and had the waiter position the ring on her dessert. Sheila started jumping in her chair with excitement! Sam got on one knee and asked Sheila for her hand in marriage…she said YES I WILL! Sheila was getting M-A-R-R-I-E-D!

Wedding season is right around the corner. Many women who have been in a serious relationship wonder, often wonder when and how their handsome knight will pop the question. Some men choose an intimate setting, public location or even a weekend getaway just to name a few. Do not stress about it ladies! I would like to share information for brides-to-be to reduce stress, improve overall health, nutritional tips and obtain happy healthy hair and scalp.

Stress management: There are two common types of stress which may contribute to alopecia areata, trichotillomania or telogen effluvium. Put simply, your hair may become smooth and patchy, you may develop a compulsion to pull your hair out, or your hair may shed excessively.
1)   Managable stress gives us a zest for life, releases creativity, and generates excitement by challenging our abilities.
2)   Stress overload that may lead to health problems and alopecia may occur. If you are trying to do too much in too little time, you are functioning in permanent overdrive.
Cope with stress by creating a balance in your life. Make time for yourself, practice time management, learn to say no, pay attention to your body’s dietary needs, and get enough sleep, get regular massages or meditate. Lastly, if necessary, take a stress management course.

After your stress is under control, exercise 3-5 days weekly for heart and cardiovascular health, and eat a healthy diet. Nutritional deficiencies are major contributors to healthy hair, skin and overall image.
1)   Excessive fried foods clog your arteries, causes an over active sebaceous excretion, contributing to oily scalp, and skin. Spicy foods consumed regularly will also increase an oily scalp and skin.
2)   Lack of fruit and vegetables will diminish your digestive system, and cause your hair to grow slowly. Nutritional absorption is information we can share with our polarized microscope, as well as your scalp health with our tricholoscope.
3)   Lack of adequate water will contribute to dry skin, dry hair and scalp and a sluggish digestive system.
Walking down the aisle with ‘Beautiful Hair’ is usually the job of a licensed hairstylist. Whether you have extensions added or choose to be au-natural, the preparation process should begin months before. Brides-to-be should seek the expertise of a doctor of Trichology to assist with hair regrowth and scalp issues for her big day. Furthermore, we recommend using our proven great products to give your hair great shine, more body, eliminate flaky, dry, oily and itchy scalps, and heals all scalp lesions.
All questions and inquiries should be forwarded to world reknown Trichologist Dr. Amerson.

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