PRESS RELEASE: Cruise With A Purpose - Sept 26

Sep 19, 2015
Grapevine, TX September 26, 2015 Music is a great way to connect with people and spread positive message while raising an awareness about the issues affecting humans throughout various walks of life. One Arlington doctor has boldly gone where no one has before, taking her message across the ocean and into the hearts of many. Dr. Linda Amerson has officially released the “Cruise With a Purpose” theme song, a sprightly and funky mix that highlights her annual awareness cruise that travels to exotic islands & lakes while educating and enlightening attendees on the effects of Alopecia, a condition in which those affected suffer hair loss from the scalp. The condition can present itself at any time and can affect people of all ages. Dr. Amerson has created a unique opportunity to reach out to those affected by providing a meaningful moment of relaxation and reflection.

Dr. Amerson who has released the track under the moniker Dr. A has been declared the “Singing Hair Doctor” by industry tastemakers after her song was performed at her first annual Cruise With a Purpose, leading her to record it with the acclaimed producer Phazz Clark. The track delivers a lively hip-hop beat with a bouncy kick and catchy lyrics. Dr. A sings positive words of encouragement with soulful vocals and drops a several savvy hip-hop bars while connecting with young listeners that have experienced difficulty in dealing with their peers due to the condition. ”Cruise With a Purpose” is an amusing and ingenious way to rally awareness and support for a condition that touches many individuals from all backgrounds.

World-renowned Dr. Amerson is an expert in her field leading the way as a doctor of Trichology and authority on hair and scalp disorders, Dr. Amerson is making history while providing valuable resources to people all over the world. Having garnered numerous awards and honors throughout her career, Dr. Amerson has once again innovated a groundbreaking method to enlighten and educate with the release of her theme song “Cruise With a Purpose”. Colleagues and industry professionals are eagerly awaiting to embark on the 2nd Annual Cruise With a Purpose, scheduled to get underway just in time for Alopecia Awareness Month from Lake Grapevine on the beautiful 'Tejas Yacht' from 8-11pm. The highly anticipated event hosts , provides educational scholarships to Mayaah Peppers and Sanah Jivani, a designer fashion showcase featuring Deidre Hardin of copper Signatures, Marquett Murphy-Smith, Andre Terry of IMT Designs, lip-licking catered food, entertainment by Lady Soul, Rich Vann, even Dr. Amerson herself performing the theme song, facts about alopecia, swag bags, dancing, and everyone will just have a great time! The official music video for “Cruise With a Purpose” was released September 19, 2014, with rave reviews.

We only have a few remaining tickets $99pp.
Contact Host Dr. Amerson at 817 265 8854. Find out more about Dr. A and her upcoming event by visiting