“CWAP Music Video Inspires Musician with Alopecia”

Nov 18, 2014
Social media is a great tool to reach a global audience for all types of awareness topics. As a Doctor of Trichology for nearly 35 years, my specialty is analyzing and treating alopecia and scalp maladies for men, women & children. We use social media daily to promote our business, product line, radio shows, and more…now my latest project CWAP music video! I stepped out of the box in 2012 to use music, in a fun, educational and creative way to spread alopecia awareness. We have received numerous positive reviews from music industry critics and producers from Italy, Sweden, Canada, the UK and on goes the list about my theme song & music video!!! After my music video “Cruise With a Purpose” went VIRAL on September 19, 2014, I had no idea I would become an inspiration to others!

On, September 20, 2014, as I was doing my social media marketing on Facebook for my music video, I received feedback from Marsha A. Lampert. “This video really touched my heart, soul, and spirit because I have alopecia and am a professional musician. Through my music I try very hard to educate others about my alopecia and wig wearing 24/7.”
I was all smiles and happy that my message in the music connected with Marsha INSTANTLY, after reading her comment! We began communicating, and Marsha shared that she was diagnoses in 2010, with a rare Cerebellar vestibular ectodermal alopecia, as well as dyslexic with asperser’s, ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities and Irlen syndrome, hypo-pituitary growth hormone failure dwarfism.

Furthermore, on September 28, 2014, Marsha shared this...“After today’s "performance" (playing my violin duets with flutists), I used my iPhone to show others there my "baldie alopecia beauty" picture and explained my long hair is a wig. So I used music to educate about alopecia. I tried to follow your example and style in connecting music and alopecia!”
Marsha A. Lampert is from Wantagh, NY but currently resides in Florida…“My BA in Music included courses and training in music composition. I think it may be a good idea to use that skill to compose stuff with lyrics about alopecia and wigs. It was a "unique" experience when my little bio…”Hair died and I had to remove it Tuesday night…and seeing my bald little head in a mirror was scary. Then I decided after seeing your cruise video that it's time to use music to educate about alopecia, especially for kids & teens. So it's my music with a mission! Hope you don't mind me using the title "Music with A Mission-inspired by Cruise with a Purpose" For my planned "'PR" style work.“

“Award-winning composer, orchestrator arranger Frank Carter watched your music video, and he LOVED IT!”

“Dr. A inspired me to begin composing, arranging & orchestrating Music With a Mission: Celebrate Alopecia Inspired by CWAP! Dr. A’s video is awesome fun! I love it! So delighted you taught me thru your musical talents, how to have fun with alopecia! The video reframed my alopecia as something joyful instead of something to be terrified of!” “The music really touched my heart!”

“Marsha is collaborating with her musician buddies, concert singer Vince Zabik and Frank Carter. Marsha also shares, “You were the first person to connect music to alopecia and I plan to follow in your footsteps!!!” I can tell she is so excited about this musical alopecia awareness project.
I asked Marsha to be my radio guest on ‘Ask the Hair & Scalp Doctor’ October 8, 2014. She gladly accepted, and gave a great testimonial, about how my music video inspired her to make the connection of using music to create alopecia awareness!

My 2nd Cruise With A Purpose (CWAP) for alopecia awareness is planned for September 6-13, 2015, with Caribbean Ports of Call in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico. Our two alopecia essay winners are Mayaah Peppers and Sanah Jivani. Educational classes are part of the CWAP Agenda with Industry TOP Educators Dr. Cheryl Morrow, Oakland, CA, Mr. Muli Musyoka, Nairobi, Kenya and myself Dr. Amerson, Arlington, TX! Beauty Professionals & Consumers are invited to join us!

So Marsha’s musical mission wheels have been turning, and I look forward to hearing her project “Music With a Mission~Inspired by Cruise With a Purpose.” ‘Happy Today Happy Today’!!!

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