Gone Viral!  CWAP Music Video

Oct 1, 2014
Cruise With A Purpose Music Video has gone Viral!!!

Music & Video Review for CWAP by Larry Stephens
CEO/Publisher of EncoreHD Magazine

“I am just smiling from ear to ear!! I am very “HAPPY TODAY” to help announce and celebrate my friend Dr. Linda Amerson’s Cruise With A Purpose Official Video!! I was privileged to be on the very first Cruise With a Purpose 2 years ago. It was my first time ever being on a cruise. So, I went expecting to have some R&R and just chill. Well, there was soooo much to do on the cruise including going to Dr. Amerson’s Classes on Alopecia Awareness. Being a cosmetologist, I know the struggles people have dealing with this devastating disorder. Alopecia affects one person in every ten, and genetics play a role in one in five cases. So, Dr. Linda Amerson is doing her part in getting her message out. AND WHAT A MESSAGE!!

She debuted her song “Cruise With A Purpose” and it was a HIT with all of us. So, she asked us should she put music to it. It was a resounding YES!!!! She first produced the song and then…………. WOW!! Then the video!! I must say Dr. A, I am so proud of you and your perseverance in getting this video produced and on the airwaves. I invite EVERYONE to click on the link and watch the video and be blessed by it!! BTW, you will see a familiar face throughout the video. YOU GOT ME!! LOL”

CWAP Music Review by Rockinreviews

“ Cruise With a Purpose' is not only a song written to bring awareness to a great cause, it is also a catchy, creative, and fun tune sung by Dr. Linda Amerson, a real vocal talent, nicknamed The Singing Hair Doctor. Released in 2013, this song is a collaboration with world-renowned producer and composer Victor Clark. This is no surprise since the song has a nice riff that’s very powerful and a catchy beat that you can’t help but move to and sing along with in your own mind. The lyrics serve their purpose well, no pun intended. Raising awareness for alopecia in a musical way is a great idea mastered by a great mind. It’s a clever way to not only raise awareness, but to also create a fun way to collect proceeds for donations to the essay scholarship fund. Kudos to you Dr. Amerson for masterminding such a great endeavor!”
Go to her site for more info http://hairandscalpessentials.com

Music Critic: John Wiser
Dr. A - The Singing Dr. - Cruise with a Purpose

“When I first heard the intro, I really didn't know what to expect. I have to say that I was very impressed with the overall meaning of this song. Dr. A delivered her message in a way in which anyone can relate.
Dr. A has definitely found a fun way to get the message out to help children and teenagers affected with alopecia while putting together a well-produced and recorded song. While she is putting out a positive vibe to bring awareness, The Singing Hair Doctor has outdone herself with on-point vocal stylings in both the hook and her ability to put together a rap to promote the Cruise with a Purpose.
Altogether, "Cruise with a Purpose" is a fun song with a positive message with a purpose of its own. To help children! The expressive essay winners are Mayaah Peppers and Sanah Jivani.
I honestly enjoyed this song from beginning to end, and can't wait to hear it everywhere!”

Check out more information on her website www.hairandscalpessentials.com

‘Dr. A Raises the Bar in Trichology’ Review by Dr. Tariq Madyun

"When I first heard the song, it didn't take long to recognize
the amazing value you bring to our Industry! You have once
again “Raised the Bar.”
And of course as usual you did not disappoint, in fact you
have once again delivered to the point that I asked "Is there
anything else she can do?”
The music and lyrics are awesome, both Inspirational and
Educational. Whether you are in the hair care industry or not
this truly raises the awareness of purpose!
I was just so IMPRESSED with ‘Cruise With A Purpose’
I had to write and let you know."

More info is on her site http://hairandscalpessentials.com