Women speak out about the top 5 grooming dislikes

Sep 1, 2012
We previously shared the top 5 dislikes of a woman's beauty from a man's perspective. WOW! These men receives several responses from their answers. Now we will hear what women said about the top 5 dislikes regarding a man's grooming and beauty. Most women have a lot to say, so read their responses.

Cheryl Smith, Reporter and Radio Host
In no specific order --
1. Poor body hygiene
2. Tats on face neck or legs,
3. Rough feet
4. Poor dental hygiene
5. Flab.

1. Dirt under fingernails
2. Out of shape for his age
3. Scraggly/ unkept beard or mustache
4. Poor oral hygiene
5. Spends to much time groomingl

Ivy N. McQuain, Written by INC
1. Ungroomed hair. I know that some men like to look rough and tough, but it bothers me to see any man with their hair not freshly shaven.
2. I love a taper cut on a man but cannot stand for a man to keep his hair all wild and crazy looking. This goes double for men with dreadlocks ... tip fellas, keep your twists, locks up!
3. Unhealthy looking teeth. Ugh! Your smile is one of the most important things you wear, next to clothes so when you smile and your teeth are missing, stained or look like a war broke out in your mouth it is a complete turnoff. Go to the dentist not just to have a pretty smile but because poor dental care can and will lead to other health issues.
4. Too much style. Yes I love for a man to be fashionable and trendy but when it looks like he is trying to be the next regular Usher or Lil Wayne then it's too much. The keys to fashion is making it your own and moderation. Do not walk around in sagging skinny jeans, matter of fact just don't sag or wear skinny jeans.
Busted and crusty feet. I know men think going to the nail salon is for women but it's not. Men need to take care of their feet with simple tricks like lotion and clipping your toe nails. It doesn't hurt for your to get the dead skin off of your heels and to invest in elminating corns and bunions. That doesn't make you a manly man to go around tearing up sheets.
5. Dirty fingernails. I can't stand a man with dirty fingernails. Talk about drive me crazy. No you don't have to run to the nail salon to keep up a fresh manicure but at the least clean and trim your nails, and not with your teeth.

1. Yellow teeth
2. Unkept appearance (i.e. torn clothing, dirty clothing, clothes with stains)
3. Too focused on himself
4. Not interested in what interests me
5. Selfish

Mrs. LaNette Kincaid CEO of Just Pearlz gives her viewpoint as a married woman.
5) Hair growing on or out of ears
4) Men with dirty unkept nails or feet
3) Hair bumps on back on neck or face
2) Men with large unkept beards
1) No teeth!!!

Anonymous, Business Owner
1. I dislike missing teeth! Any man over 30 is responsible for replacing and repairing their teeth...and please no gold teeth replacements!
2. Body odor combined with bad breath will run me away quickly!
3. Rough hands and dirty fingernails! Some men have stated that rough hands is a sign of a working man and they do not want any soft hands.
4. Speaking for myself, I do not like rough hands touching, stroking or massaging me!!!
5. Unkept beards and mustache! Some of you look like wolf man wooly...and how can you eat with hair around your mouth?
6. Tats visible on the arms, necks or legs and body piercings.
7. Smoking--cigars and cigarettes
8. Chewing snuff

Sharon Amerson, Tax Preparer
1. Dirty fingernails
2. Unkep beards
3. Wrinkled shirts
4. Uncombed hair
5. Unshined shoes

Doris Thomas, Catering
1. Dirty fingernails
2. Body odor
3. Smoking
4. Talking with every other word a curse word!
5. Unemployed, at home with momma, and no car!
6. Toothless! Please get them fixed or get dentures!
7. Uneducated

Well men you heard it from the women's viewpoint. We hope these two articles have enlightened you and sparked some discussions.

Dr. Linda Amerson, http://www.hairandscalpessentials.com/