Scalp Care:  A Trichologist’s Prospective About Sc

Oct 24, 2011
Scalp Care: A Trichologist’s Prospective About Scalp Oil
By Dr. Linda Amerson

Many consumers have asked me these questions…Do I need to oil my scalp? I have heard that it clogs your scalp? What should I use when my scalp is dry?
Now to give you a Trichologists prospective of oiling the scalp. When there is a scalp malady/condition, yes you need to address your scalp. African American’s have approximately 90,000-140,000 sweat glands. When the sweat dries, it leaves a film or residue on the scalp which is sodium buildup. This sodium buildup is not removed or cleansed from the scalp, in many cases, as often as it should. Many consumers neglect shampooing their hair and scalp for 3-4 weeks, or longer, to hold on to a trendy hairstyle. Sometimes it is laziness. Therefore, resulting in dry hair, dry scalp, an excessively itchy scalp which leads to tender scalps, erythema, inflammation, and irritation just to name a few. This is when oiling of the scalp and hair becomes routine instead of shampooing. On the other hand, there are some consumers who have over-active sebaceous glands, where their scalp produces more oil. Frequency of shampooing should become common practice. Lastly, many natural hairstylists will instruct their client who wear twists, and locks to postpone shampooing their hair and scalp for 6-8 weeks to preserve their style. I disagree with this recommendation when there is a scalp condition. The scalp condition needs to be addressed first, then the trendy hairstyle second. More professionals need to realize this important fact.

Top Reasons to Oil Your Scalp
To offset dryness from sodium buildup
For pruritus of the scalp
For scalp diseases
For scalp lesions
For soothing an irritated scalp
For scaly scalp conditions
For eczema scalp conditions and circulation

Top Recommendation: Dr. Amerson’s Anti-Itch Soothing Oil
Formulated for Dr. Amerson by Chemist Tracy Hill-Ashley
Benefits include: Light, penetrating oil with a PH of 5.0
Anti-inflammatory properties
Has healing and regenerating qualities
Stops pruritus immediately
Moisurizes scalp and hair for the entire family
Gives hair a brilliant sheen with no pillow residue
Softens bonding glue for immediate removal
Great for shaving under arms with no irritation
Great moisturizer for cuticles of fingernails and toenails
Has been used on dogs (by clients) who suffer with itchy, dry skin

Please direct all questions to Dr. Linda Amerson, world-renowned board certified Trichologist. CEO LA’s Hair & Scalp Clinic Arlington, TX (817) 265-8854