Alopecia Totalis

Sep 1, 2010
September is Alopecia Awareness Month. I would like to elaborate on one category of Alopecia. Alopecia Totalis does affect millions of consumers.
Have you ever had your entire scalp hair to fall out suddenly? This is a condition known as Alopecia Totalis. The causes of Alopecia Totalis vary. I will elaborate on some of the common contributors.
•   Chemotherapy: Drug-Induced Alopecia totalis is common with consumer required to take Chemotherapy medications. Chemotherapy attacks rapidly growing cells, and hair is included in this category. In most cases, hair re-growth will resume with a different hair texture. In addition, some consumers may have observe scalp sensitivity, and often complain about dry scalp and skin.
•   Autoimmunity: Alopecia Areata reveals a smooth round or oval patch. It is considered an autoimmune disease. This patch my enlarge to connect multiple adjacent patches. In some cases the entire scalp hair loss occurs. Thus revealing Alopecia Totalis. Put simply, a person looses all scalp hair.
Miss Delaware Kayla Martell, who was recently crowned, is affected with Alopecia Areata. Her perseverance did not stop her from obtaining her crown. Ms. Martell is also the spokes person for the Alopecia Areata Foundation.
Other triggers include:
* Extensive Mental Stress * Genetic Predisposition
* Environmental Triggers * Abnormal keratinocytes
* Physical Trauma * Local Skin Injury
* Domestic violence while Pregnancy * Just to name a few
•   Family Death: Alopecia Totalis may occur when a person has lost one or more persons very close to them. This may include family members or friends. In some cases, the hair will regrow, while in other cases the Alopecia Totalis is irreversible. In other cases, a person may be very close to their pet that may die, or was killed suddenly. This pet may have been their only companion.
•   Scalp Disease: There are some consumers who develop scalp infections, and the best way to treat and heal the scalp is to either cut the hair very short, or shave the remaining hair from the scalp.
•   Chemical Over-Processing: Alopecia Totalis may occur when a person has over used or misused chemicals. This is very common with hair coloring, chemical relaxers, and hair bleach.
•   Surgical Procedure: When the head area is involved in a surgical procedure, shaving the patient’s head is required, depending on the size of the area affected for surgery.
•   Fashion Statement: Some consumers choose to shave off all of their hair to follow the trends of Celebrities and Athletes.
•   Tattoos: Some consumers have taken the art of Tattooing to the ultimate level. They choose to shave their head to have a Tattoo design applied.
In closing, Alopecia Totalis may have many contributing factors. Its cause will vary per individual. Some of you may choose to follow the Trendsetter Miss Delaware Kayla Martell and not wear your wig all the time. See your goal as one that is obtainable!
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