Is A Healthy Scalp Your Priority?

Jul 22, 2010
Today’s popular hair designs vary from almost bald to Mohawks, medium lengths long front lace wigs, hair weaving and braid extensions. Many consumers follow the popular hair designs of Celebrities, Entertainers and Professional Athletes. The Awards Show are noted for rating Celebrities on the Red Carpet. Hair designs and Fashion choices are always a big hit or miss according to critics. As a result, many professionals who do not keep up with Educational classes, are challenged. They attempt to duplicate these hair designs yet fall short. In actuality many consumers will compromise a healthy scalp for a trendy hair style.

During Consultation, I will evaluate a clients scalp under my Tricholoscope Microscope to determine their scalp health. I see some very scary conditions at times. The client is able to visibly see what I am describing. What is reavealed under a Tricholoscope includes;
•   Poor scalp circulation
•   Erythema
•   Scaly scalp conditions (there are five types)
•   Cicatricial Alopecia
•   Traction Alopecia
•   Folliculitis
•   Scalp discoloration
•   Moles on the scalp
•   Trauma to the scalp
•   Hair shaft defects (there are over 38)
•   Hair breakage
•   Swelling in hair strands
•   Product build up
•   Scalp Lesions
•   Chemical Alopecia
•   On goes the list

During the summer season, many professionals and consumers wear braids for low maintenance and versatility in some styles. However, the neglect of frequent cleansing of the scalp is observed during Consultation. In addition, natural hair consumers who where twist and loc styles, are often advised to avoid shampooing their hair and scalp for 3 weeks or longer. I disagree with this recommendation, due to hygiene. If I may use this comparison: scalp odor may occur just as body odor will occur when hygiene is neglected for 3 weeks or longer.
In closing, I ALWAYS inform clients that a healthy scalp should be your priority vs a trendy hair design. That may be resumed when your scalp is healthier.
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