Parents Responsible for Causing Chemical Damage

May 30, 2007
Chemical relaxers are used worldwide by hair care
professionals and consumers. Chemical hair services are a
billion dollar industry. At our clinic, LA's Hair & Scalp
Clinic, we have noticed an increase in scalp damage caused
by parents applying this chemical to their child's hair
before puberty. We have evaluated two cases where mother's
have applied a relaxer (for children) to their 18 month old
daughters' hair and scalp I could not believe this had

Therefore, I knew I must educate parents, who do not know,
that you should never apply a chemical to your childs hair
and scalp. Leave this procedure to trained and licensed
hair care professionals. Most importly, the age in which a
relaxer should first be applied is AFTER PUBERTY, NOT
BEFORE. When a child is 18 months old, their bodies are
still growing and developing, just as their hair and scalp.
The fontanelle, commonly known as the soft spot of the
scalp, is not always fully developed until the age of two
years old.

So please stop creating premature chemical scalp damage,
and over-processed hair, when alternative hair styles may
be chosen. Some examples include cornrows, that are not too
tight, individual braids, with barrettes, or traditional

I do not recommend crocheted braids, braids with
extensions, or ponytail extensions for children younger
than six years of age. Traction Alopecia must be avoided.
Thermal pressing is also an option to make hair more

In addition, young boys, do not need to have texturizers
applied until AFTER PUBERTY, NOT BEFORE. Texturizers are
also chemicals, that can cause scalp damage if used
incorrectly and on young children. Sculptured cornrow
designs are a very popular look amoung professional
athletes, and most boys want to imitate this same look.

However, parents please use wisdom, when selecting someone
to braid your childs hair to avoid traction alopecia.
To conclude, leave the application of relaxers to licensed
hair care professionals. When a scalp condition or alopecia
(hair loss) condition occurs, seek the professional
expertise of a doctor of trichology.
For additional information, contact Dr. Linda Amerson,
doctor of trichology at (817) 265-8854 or via e-mail

Dr. Amerson has over 26 years of experience, and is the
owner of LA's Hair & Scalp Clinic in Arlington, TX.