Trichology Seminar

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Trichology Seminars
Educational Director Dr. Linda Amerson 

I will travel globally to offer these classes. These classes are offered for licensed Cosmetologists, Instructors, and Barbers only. Seminars days vary according to topics, and may range from a One Day Seminar, to a Five Day Seminar. A minimum of 10 professionals are required with pre-payment. Call to request your name on the list for the next scheduled seminar.
Seminar Topics: 
- Slide Presentation: Hair Biology and Clinical Assessment of Alopecia
- Slide Presentation: Abnormalities of Hair

- The Powerful History of Hair

- Individual Training on Usage of a Tricholoscope for Scalp Disorders and  Hair Shaft Defects 

-  Nutrition and It's Relation to Healthy Hair & Scalp

- Alopecia Areata
  Five Day Seminar

- Androgenetic Alopecia
   Two Day Seminar  

- Systemic Diseases and their Relation to Alopecia 
   Three day Seminar

- Many other seminar topics are available.