Epigenetic Hair Analysis

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What is Epigenetic Hair Analysis?

This test can help to indicate where imbalances lie in the body, as well as identifying food sensitivities, digestive issues, toxins, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This information will allow for development of a lifestyle plan to improve your overall wellness. We use the hair root bulb as an informational source, since the hair follicle is a part of the sensory system of the body. This biomarker expresses information from the environment. In just 15 minutes we will identify and assesses your epigenetics for:

  • vitamins -parasites and viruses
  • nutrition
  • toxins
  • antioxidants
  • microbiology
  • minerals
  • fatty acids
  • EFA and EMF (radiation)

Why us?

The extensive 18 years of research and hair bulb science data behind this type of technology is second to none. The biomakers/genetic expresions revealed in this comprehensive 37 page report included 9 vital areas for a consumers Wellness Report. As a holistic health care Practitioner, we can assist you with scientific data to assist with nutritional deficiencies affecting your hairloss/scalp issues, as well as knowledge of what your body needs for your Wellness Journey goals. Just as all hair treatment products are not formulated the same...All hair analysis offers are not the same.

Personalized Reports with in-depth overview and consultation from the Expert:

We are available to talk to you by telephone or Zoom to answer your questions and concerns. We offer these reports: Immunity & Wellbeing Report Mail-In Postal Program Vegan Immunity & Wellbeing Report Elite Professional Training Report Nutritional Report Sport & Fitness Report Equine Report Optimize Hair, Skin & Nails Report Optimize Youthful Cells Report Optimize Baby & Child Report