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The Power of 3 Women

428 million viewers, listeners and readers as our audiences.  50-years of media experience

By Valder Beebe

As females we are challenged by society’s belief “women can’t work together” and that simply is not true.  I am trusting this brief article will break this widely held stereotype for our readers.   Before women moved into the work place, we worked together to keep home and family together.  Many women worked in multi-generational family and extended family groups.  That tradition is still alive in The Power of 3.  We are comprised of Ester Davis, Dr. Linda Amerson and I [Valder Beebe].  Collectively the three of us have 428 million viewers, listeners and readers as our audiences.  Synchronously we share 50-years of media experience.  I am delighted to share The Power of 3 with our audiences.

Ester Davis the host and creator of the Ester Davis Show for television.  Ester has always exhibited a classy and positive demeanor especially when conducting an interview on a difficult topic.  Ester Davis has impressed me as being a multi-tasker who is never rushed or ruffled in the many roles she has taken on.  Today, Ester Davis reaches eight million viewers with her far reaching media brand via television and syndicated columns in newspapers across America.   The Ester Davis show on continues to excel. The Ester Davis Show is broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday on reaching 5.4 million households.  This is entertaining and informative with community icons appearing, politics, fashion and women’s topics of interest.
Dr. Amerson resides in Arlington, Texas and is a magna cum laude graduate from the Accredited International Institute of Trichology in Madison, Alabama. For her outstanding achievements, Dr. Amerson was presented the prestigious Texas State Senate Proclamation from the Honorable Senator Royce West.    A seasoned columnist, her readership in over 52 national print/digital magazines, newspapers, both print/digital and numerous online newsletters have exceeded 300 million consumers.  Her articles are featured regularly in:  CNN iReport,   Essence, Ebony, Heart and Soul, The Garland Journal, Equanimity and Epitome Magazines, just to name a few.  Dr. Amerson’s 100 million readers and listeners regularly tune into her scientific segments on
Valder Beebe is an American radio personality and journalist.  A graduate of Coleman Business College, she has been an entrepreneur since 2000.  When asked what is your strongest asset in your life?  She responds “I am married to man of my dreams, James Beebe.”  James is also my business partner.  Valder is the anchor and News Director of the KYBS Headline News show, a position she has held since 2017.  The show brings local and national news with celebrity entertainment sound bites included.   Daily Valder is heard on 411RadioNetwork on the Gospel and Jazz networks.  Previously Valder was the Lifestyle Editor of her namesake lifestyle section, Beebe’s Smart Living syndicated in the Texas Power Pages Newspaper with 50,000 monthly copies distributed. Valder has appeared in Essence, Equanimity and Epitome Magazines.  Currently she writes a namesake column Beebe’s Smart Living which appears in 411RadioNetwork digital edition magazine.  She is also the producer and host of The Valder Beebe Show broadcasts; God Talk, THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW, and The Food IQ Girls on radio and on-line.  THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW TV show broadcast launched March 24th on PChatman Network based in Mississippi broadcasting on; Roku, Amazon FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV, Tablet WebApp, iOS, Samsung SmartTV, and XBOX. Inquiries: Erika Anderson